Cucumber Sandwiches

A Great Healthy Snack Idea For a Hot Day!

Cucumber Sandwiches

Try this refreshing spin on an old classic the Cucumber Sandwich!

Slices of Cucumber, your favorite deli meat and cheese slices.

Cut down your deli meat and cheese to about the same size as your cucumber slice. Place your cut deli meat and cheese slice between two slices of cucumbers. Repeat and Enjoy!

Gummy Bears and Sprite Popsicles

Get Ready for Some Ice Cold Treats!


Try this super easy poolside snack recipe!

Popsicle mold, Popsicle Stick, Gummy Bears and Sprite

1. Fill Molds about 3/4 of the way full
2. Drop in gummy bears
3. Place popsicle stick into mold
4. Freeze until frozen all the way through

For a healthier option try using sugar free gummy bears and lightly sweetened lemonade.