Kid Activities – Water Bomb Tag

Are your kids ready for some summer time fun!


Try playing this fun pool game with the kids.

Required: Sponge soaked in water.
Players: Small to large group.
The person who is “it” throws the wet water bomb to tag other players. If hit, they are the new “thrower”. This can also be played with many variations of the game such as Frozen Tag.

Summer Backyard Living Party Tips

Celebrate the beginning of the swim season with backyard living!

Summer Pool Party Fun

Summer will be here sooner than you think. To make sure to start your summer off right, throw the perfect summer pool party.

Ask your party guests to bring their swimsuits, a change of clothes, flip flops, and a towel.

Make sure you…
  • Have plenty of games and activities.
  • Lots of Food and drinks (for both the adults and the kids!)
  • Don’t forget about party favors.
Kick off the summer right!