Only two months until the first day of Spring!

We are only two months away from the first day of Spring; March 19th!

It is almost time to open the pool and start swimming. To help ensure an easy spring opening, try to keep your pool cover clean and pumped off from water. Using a cover pump and leaf blower this is a simple task!

Homeowners with mesh covers may want to add a dose of algaecide if you do not open your pool early, consult your local SunGuard Dealer for details.

Fall is here!

The leaves are turning and falling, though the summer was full of fun times and great memories, it is time to close the pool. A good closing will help ensure an easy opening, getting you back into the water quicker next year!

Ensuring that your water is clean, clear, and balanced at closing, is the key to a successful opening. After ensuring your pool is free of debris and your water is balanced within the recommended guidelines, preparing your water with a SunGuard Winterizing Kit will help keep your water clean and algae free until opening.

If you are using a mesh cover on your pool, be sure to pick up our Mesh Safety Cover Kit, this kit contains a chlorine floater and phosphate remover to help ensure the algae will stay away during the winter months.