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  • A3382

    SunGuard pH Increaser

    SunGuard pH Increaser raises the pH of pool water efficiently and economically. Low pH, below 7.0, can cause your sanitizer from working effectively and cause eye irritation and skin discomfort. The ideal pH range is 7.2-7.6.

    Useful Tips

    • Total alkalinity should be adjusted prior to adjusting pH
    • Use convenient dosage chart on product label
    • Frequently test pH and add this product if pH is below 7.2

    Available Sizes: 2 lbs. / 5 lbs. / 10 lbs. / 6 lbs. Ziploc bags /
    12 lbs. Ziploc bags / 25 lb pails / 25 lbs. Ziploc bags

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  • A3370

    SunGuard Pool Chlorine Stabilizer

    SunGuard Pool Chlorine Stabilizer raises the stabilizer (cyanuric acid) level of pool water. The ideal stabilizer range is 30-85ppm. Proper stabilizer levels protect chlorine form the degrading effects of sunlight.

    Useful Tips

    • Test stabilizer levels monthly and add this product if stabilizer level is below 30ppm.
    • Use convenient dosage chart on product label.
    • Add product slowly to the skimmer while circulation pump is running.

    Available Sizes:2 lbs. / 4 lbs. / 5 lbs. Ziploc bags /
    10 lbs. Ziploc bags / 20 lbs. Ziploc bags / 25 lb. pails

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