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SunGuard Pool Care Systems include everything you need to open your pool and keep the water sparkling clean all summer long. Your trained SunGuard Dealer will help you choose the best system for your pool.

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  • SunGuard Salt System Cell Cleaner

    Salt System Cell Cleaner

    SunGuard Cell Cleaner removes most stubborn scale buildup as well as grease and common dirt from electrolytic cells. Unlike many household cleaners, this product is compatible with swimming pool water. Do not allow undiluted material to remain on porous surfaces such as masonry bricks or concrete decking for extended periods of time.

    Useful Tips

    • Removes hard water calcium scale
    • Removes oil residues
    • Restores cell efficiency
    • No harmful fuming
    • Extends cell lifeH
    • Not harmful to metals
    • Does not contain harsh acids

    Available Sizes: 1 quart

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  • SunGuard Salt System Mineral Scale Control

    Salt System Mineral & Scale Control

    SunGuard Salt System Mineral & Scale Control is a proprietary, non-phosphate based, formulation that is best used for the prevention of scaling and deposition on salt generator cells which, over time, reduce the efficiency of the cell resulting in lower chlorine production and shortened cell life. Additionally, his product is used in swimming pools to reduce scale formation in pumps and pool heaters, to eliminate plugging of filters and to reduce iron and copper staining.

    Useful Tips

    • Formulated For Salt Pools
    • Extends Salt Generator Cell Life
    • Prevents Stain and Scale Formation
    • Does Not Contain Phosphates
    • Eliminates Colored Water Due to Metals

    Available Sizes: 1 quart

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    Salt System Support Kit

    Keep your salt cell running like new and your pool crystal clear with the SunGuard Salt System Support Kit. The kit contains Sunburst Fast Shock to superchlorinate and control algae, Salt System UV Defense to reduce chlorine loss and extend chlorine efficiency, Salt System Mineral and Scale Control to prevent stain and scale formation and Salt System Cell Cleaner to remove calcium scale and oil residue extending the life of your salt cell.

    Useful Tips

    • Each kit treats 10,000 gallons of water
    • Safe for all pool surfaces

    Available Sizes: 1 Kit

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