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    SunGuard Pool Start-Up Kit

    The SunGuard Pool Start-up Kit contains chemicals proven to get your started right. The SunGuard Pool Start-up Kit contains Stain and Scale Control, Algae Control Plus, Sunburst MultiShock, a water sample bottle and pool care guide.

    Useful Tips

    • Let your chemicals circulate at least 24-48 hours before bringing a water sample to your local SunGuard dealer for analysis.
    • For use with chlorine pools up to 25,000 gallons

    Available Sizes: 1 Kit

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  • Sunguard Salt System Weekly

    SunGuard Salt System Weekly

    SunGuard Salt System Weekly is a multifunctional product which helps to prevent stains, adjust pH, protect generator cells, control scaling, clarify the water and, most importantly, replenish lost salt in pools using salt chlorine generators. Salt may be lost through backwashing, splash-out, drag-out, and dilution from heavy rainfall. Low salt levels and depleted stabilizer concentrations result in your generator cells losing efficiency and, ultimately, shortening the life of the cell.

    Useful Tips

    • Replaces salt lost to backwash and splash out
    • Protects salt generator cells
    • Helps prevent staining
    • Clarifies
    • Adjusts pH
    • One bag (1 lb.) per 5,000 gallons per week

    Available Sizes: 1 lb bags, 6-1 lb bags

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