Pool Maintenance

SunGuard maintenance products will help with stain prevention, keeping your tile clean, filter cleaning and much more – keep your pool looking beautiful all season long.

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  • A3438

    SunGuard Chlorine Neutralizer

    High levels of chlorine, above 3-5 ppm, are generally considered unsafe for swimmers. SunGuard Chlorine Neutralizer lowers excessively high chlorine levels in pool water which may occur after shocking, super chlorination or when too much chlorine is inadvertently added for any reason.

    Useful Tips

    • 2.0 oz. of Chlorine Neutralizer per 10,000 gallons of water will reduce chlorine level by 1 ppm
    • Take your pool water sample to your authorized SunGuard Dealer, to determine the dosage of this product required
    • Wait 12 hours after super chlorination or high chlorine addition before adding this product.

    Available Sizes: 5 lbs.

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  • A3426

    SunGuard E-Z Stain Away

    SunGuard E-Z Stain Away is a proprietary blend of multiple dry acids and sequestrants which remove both metal and mineral stains from the wet surfaces of swimming pools. SunGuard EZ Stain Away sequesters the material causing stains on tile, vinyl, and fiberglass surfaces and holds them in solution.

    Useful Tips

    • Safe for all surfaces – Although the product contains acids, it does not damage the pool surface when used as directed.
    • Use chart on product to determine correct dosage and application.
    • This product not only removes stains from surfaces, but also helps prevent stain formation from reoccurring.

    Available Sizes: 2.5 lbs.

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  • A3409

    SunGuard EZ Cover Liquid Solar Cover

    SunGuard EZ Cover Liquid Solar Cover is an ultra-thin, invisible barrier that helps to minimize evaporation and heat loss. Traditional pool covers can be clumsy and pose a safety risk for entrapment of small children and pets.

    Useful Tips

    • This highly effective formulation provides up to 4 months of protection.
    • Saves on water, energy & pool chemicals
    • Safer for kids & pets than a traditional cover
    • 30 days of protection per dose

    Available Sizes: 1 qt.

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