Pool Maintenance

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  • A3432

    SunGuard Filter Aid Plus Tablets

    SunGuard Filter Aid Plus Tabs maximize water clarity by maximizing filter efficiency. A proprietary blend of clarifying polymers and coagulants in convenient to use ½ ounce tablets. When applied as directed, this product permits your existing filtration system to remove organic and inorganic impurities, provide unmatched sparkle and clarity to water, and reduce sanitizer consumption.

    Useful Tips

    • Compatible with sand, diatomaceous earth, and cartridge filters systems.
    • 1.5 lbs. will provide up to 5 treatments on a 30,000 gallon pool
    • Use chart on product to determine correct dosage and application.

    Available Sizes: 1.5 lbs.

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  • A3420

    SunGuard Filter Cleaner & Degreaser

    SunGuard Filter Cleaner & Degreaser is a unique proprietary blend to remove oils, grease and filter clogging debris from DE, Cartridge and Sand filters in pools. Regular use helps to keep filters at their optimum efficiency.

    Useful Tips

    • Use chart on product to determine correct dosage and application for each filter type.
    • Maintenance dosage is 8 ozs poured into the skimmer while backwashing, once all chlorine is removed from skimmer basket and the automatic feeder is turned off

    Available Sizes: 1 quart spray bottle

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  • A3433

    SunGuard Green Relief

    SunGuard Green Relief™ is not an algaecide, herbicide or pesticide. It does not contain quaternaries (foam), copper (stain), silver or poison. No algaecide can match the safety of Green Relief. SunGuard Green Relief™ will not kill algae. However when Green Relief is used with EPA registered chlorine, cleanup is achieved quickly and economically.

    Useful Tips

    • Fast acting
    • No brushing
    • Dissolves immediately
    • No copper or silver
    • Safe in any gunite, vinyl, plaster or fiberglass pool
    • Active Ingredient: Disodium salt of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid dihydrate, diammonium sulfate – 100%

    Available Sizes: 2 lbs.

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