SunGuard E-Z Shock


SunGuard E-Z Shock is a highly effective buffered sanitizer that is easy and convenient to use in the routine and superchlorination of swimming pools. This product also kills harmful bacteria, aids in algae control and helps keep the pool clean and clear. SunGuard E-Z Shock contains epsom salts, making water feel soft against your skin. E-Z Shock also leaves beneficial chlorine residual in the water continually so you may enjoy the benefits of sparkling, clean swimming pool water.

Useful Tips

  • Effective sanitizer – The available chlorine is released when the product is dissolved in water and it works continually to prevent growth of algae & bacteria.
  • Shock treatment – Used for shocking or superchlorinating pool water to destroy organic contaminants and restoring crystal clarity to pool water.
  • Safe for all pool surfaces

Available Sizes: 1 lb. bags / 6-1 lb. bags / 5 lbs. / 25 lb. pails

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