SunGuard Mesh Safety Cover Winter Kit


The SunGuard Mesh Safety Cover Kit is formulated specifically for pool using a mesh cover. The SunGuard Stain and Scale Control will work to prevent staining and scaling on your pool surface during the winter months. The SunGuard 30% Algaecide is a non-foaming, non-metallic algaecide that will help prevent an algae bloom. The SunGuard Phosphate Remover is added to this kit to eliminate and prevent phosphates in the water. Phosphates serve as a ‘food’ for algae, controlling them will help you open with a cleaner pool. The chlorine floater will help maintain a chlorine residual in the water to prevent algae and keep the water clear and clean.

Useful Tips

  • Use the SunGuard Winter Kits in conjunction with a clean, balanced pool and good pool cover to ensure best results

Available Sizes: 1 Kit

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