Stop the algae!


With the heat of the summer in full effect, some people are bound to have an algae bloom. Have you ever find yourself asking; Why my pool? My friend’s pool never gets algae and we have the same filter…

Sometimes you can do everything right; balancing your chemicals, running your filter, and brushing your pool. There may be an underlying reason for that…. Phosphates.

Phosphates are often overlooked as the source of your algae problem; phosphates serve as the food for algae and can come from a variety of places. Phosphates can be naturally occurring from leaves falling pool, they can come from the detergent used to wash your swim wear, and they can even come from other chemicals that you use in your pool. To determine if phosphates are the source of your algae woes, take a sample of your pool water to your local SunGuard dealer for analysis.

If they determine your pool has phosphates, don’t worry, it can be treated. SunGuard Phosphate Remover is capable of removing 1000ppb from 20,000 gallons of water. When using phosphate remover you may notice a short period (less than 24 hours) of cloudy water, this means the phosphate remover is hard at work. It usually clears on its own in 24 hours; however you should backwash or clean your filter.

Testing your water for phosphates on a monthly basis and maintaining a low phosphate level will help keep the algae away and ensure you have an enjoyable swimming experience.