An Apple A Day!

Wine Cork Apples!

Sipping wine poolside with friends was a great way to enjoy your summer days. Now that it’s fall use those saved wine corks and decorate your home with the perfect fall accessory. Apples!

What you need:

8 wine corks (per apple) – this includes the stem you cut, 1 cork will make 4 stems.
Red Acrylic Paint (Use Metallic paint for extra pizzazz!)
Brown Acrylic Paint
Green Felt
Hot Glue & Hot Glue Gun
Paint Brush
Utility knife
Colander/Steamer Basket
Cutting Board


DIY Time:

  1. Place 7 corks on a flat surface in three rows. Row 1: 2 corks; row 2: 3 corks; row 3: 2 corks. Make sure the flat/undamaged end of the cork faces down.
  2. Glue each row set together with hot glue. Let set for a minute for the glue to set up. Then glue the three rows together
  3. Flip over the apple and paint the front, flat side, with red acrylic paint. You may need 2 coats. Let the paint dry completely between coats. While the apple is drying, make the stem.
  4. Bring a pot of water to boil, then place your stem corks in a metal colander or steamer basket and steam them over the pot of boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes.
  5. Carefully remove the cork from the steamer/colander and place on a cutting board
  6. Use a utility knife to cut 1 cork in half lengthwise.
  7. Cut each half at an angle creating four pieces.
  8. Trim the angled end of each piece of cork to a point. And paint with brown acrylic paint. Let dry.
  9. Glue the stem to the top of the apple.
  10. Cut out a leaf shape with the green felt and attach to the stem with hot glue.
  11. Display the apples as part of your fall decorations!

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