Pool Hibernation

SunGuard Winter

The secret to a long pool filled summer is…..proper winterization!

Wait what?

Properly closing your pool for the winter season means less money, time and chemicals spent the following summer when you open your pool back up. So what do you need to close your pool this season?

  1. Test your water.
    1. Bring a sample of your pool water to your SunGuard Dealer and have them professionally test it.
  2. Purchase your SunGuard Swimming Pool Winterizing Kit.
    1. Conveniently located at your SunGuard store, this kit contains all the chemicals you need to keep your pool clear all winter long. Simply follow the kit instructions and the recommendation from your SunGuard Dealer.
  3. Cover it up.
    1. SunGuard offers a wide selection of Winter and Safety Covers for your pool. Covering your pool keeps winter debris and animals out of your pool and ensures a quick summer start-up clean.

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