Finding Your Winter Cover

SunGuard Safety Cover

Pool Covers: The Perfect Accessory this Winter Season!

You’ve probably been told that you should have a pool cover this winter. But why? Simply put, pool covers prevent unwanted dirt and debris from entering your pool and pool plumbing. This insures a faster and cheaper maintenance day when you open your pool next summer.

What pool cover should I get?

It all depends on the type of pool you have.

Above Ground Pools: SunGuard Winter Covers

Since you don’t need to worry about accidentally walking on your snow covered pool like you would with an InGround pool, you don’t need a cover that is designed to hold a human being. That said SunGuard Winter Covers are hardly weaklings. Made of a Polyethylene Fabric with “Hold-Tite” Seams, these covers are strong enough to handle the wonders of winter without sagging and tearing. Available in Blue, Green and Silver.

InGround Pools: SunGuard Safety Covers

If you have an InGround pool, we recommend a SunGuard Safety Cover. These covers a specially designed to keep everything out of the pool. Made of superior woven mesh, our covers deliver 4000 pounds of break-strength protection. They are child and pet proof and are easy to install in the fall and remove in the spring. Available in five different cover options in four different colors, you can find the SunGuard Safety Cover to fit your needs.

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