SunGuard Spa Specialties

Balanced water is essential to comfort, water clarity, sanitizer efficiency, and the longevity of spa surfaces and equipment.


SunGuard Spa Start-Up Kit

  • A convenient kit containing everything you need to get your spa started and keep it running.

SunGuard Spa Start

  • Provides an immediate residual of bromine in a freshly filled spa.

SunGuard Spa Stain & Scale Control

  • Prevents stains and scaling caused by heavy metals and calcium in hot water.

SunGuard Spa Natural Clarifier

  • Recommended for clarifying balanced water in spas.

SunGuard Spa Defoamer

  • Eliminate foaming in spa water without altering the water chemistry.

SunGuard Spa Surface Cleaner

  • Extra strength all-purpose cleaner for use of spa shells and fittings.
  • Leaves no residue and has a pleasing citrus scent.

SunGuard Spa Cover Cleaner

  • Easily cleans and deodorizes spa covers and helps to remove stubborn stains

SunGuard Spa Filter Cleaner

  • Effective at removing oil and grease from the filter and its elements.

SunGuard Spa Zyme

  • An enzyme water treatment that will break down organic matter that may contaminate spa water.

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