SunGuard Salt Pool Care Systems

SunGuard Pool Care Systems include everything you need to open your pool and keep the water sparkling clean all summer long. Your trained SunGuard Dealer will help you choose the best system for your pool.


SunGuard Salt System Support Kit

  • Keep your salt cell running like new and your pool crystal clear.

SunGuard Salt System Weekly

  • A multifunctional product used to prevent stains, adjust pH, protect generator cells, and more.
  • Replenishes lost salt in pools using a salt chlorine generator.

SunGuard Salt System Cell Cleaner

  • Removes stubborn scale buildup as well as grease and common dirt from electrolytic cells.
  • No harmful fuming and does not contain harsh acids.

SunGuard Salt System Mineral & Scale Control

  • A non-phosphate based, formulation that is best used for the prevention of scaling and deposition on salt generator cells
  • Reduce scale formation in pumps and pool heaters, eliminates plugging of filters and reduces iron and copper staining.

SunGuard Salt System UV Defense

  • Protects chlorine from UV degradation in salt system swimming pools

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