SunGuard Specialties

SunGuard maintenance products will help with stain prevention, keeping your tile clean, filter cleaning and much more – keep your pool looking beautiful all season long.


SunGuard Pool Start-Up Kit

  • A convenient kit containing chemicals proven to get your pool started right after a normal winter season.

SunGuard Chlorine Neutralizer

  • Lowers excessively high chlorine levels in pool water which may occur after shocking, super chlorination or when too much chlorine is inadvertently added for any reason.

SunGuard Phosphate Remover

  • Effectively remove or lower phosphate levels that commonly are tracked by fertilizers and detergents.

SunGuard Phosphate Remover Plus

  • The most efficient way available to remove or lower phosphate levels that commonly are tracked by fertilizers and detergents.

SunGuard Stain, Rust & Scale Control Plus

  • Best used for the prevention of hard water scaling and metallic stains from iron, copper, manganese and excessive calcium.

SunGuard Super Clarifier

  • Help remove small particles from the water by joining them together and allowing them to be filtered out of pool water

SunGuard Metal-Out Plus

  • Keep pool water clear and prevent corrosion of metal pool fittings.
  • Control scale, and remove existing deposits.

SunGuard Super Floc-Out

  • Clears up cloudy water by settling a wide range of nonfilterable impurities suspended in pool water.

SunGuard Thick Tile & Vinyl Cleaner

  • Dissolves stains from tile and vinyl surfaces.
  • Environmentally safe and nonabrasive so it will not damage tile surface.

SunGuard Filter Cleaner & Degreaser

  • Unique proprietary blend to remove oils, grease and filter clogging debris from DE, Cartridge and Sand filters in pools.

SunGuard Pool-Zyme

  • Eliminates scum rings and bad odors by breaking down organic matter into their base components.
  • Body oils and suntan lotions are quickly removed resulting in clear water.

SunGuard Pool Elixir

  • A 3-in-1 formula that controls phosphates, clarifies and eliminates oil and scum line all in one product.

SunGuard Pool Cover Cleaner

  • Provides lasting protection, prevents unpleasant odors and extends the life of your pool cover while in storage.

SunGuard E-Z Cover Liquid Solar Cover

  • An ultra-thin, invisible barrier that helps to minimize evaporation and heat loss.

SunGuard Yellow Eliminator

  • Specially formulated to eliminate cloudy water due to accumulations of yellow or mustard-colored debris from pool surfaces.

SunGuard Green Relief

  • Specially formulated to eliminate cloudy water due to accumulations of green debris from pool surfaces.

SunGuard A+ Stain Remover

  • An environmentally friendly alternative to removing pool surface stains resulting from dissolved metals and/or organics in the water.

SunGuard E-Z Stain Away

  • A proprietary blend of multiple dry acids and sequestrants which remove both metal and mineral stains from the wet surfaces of swimming pools.

SunGuard Filter Aid Plus Tablets

  • Maximize water clarity by maximizing filter efficiency
  • A proprietary blend of clarifying polymers and coagulants in convenient to use 1/2 ounce tablets.

SunGuard Stain Away Kit

  • Powerful 2 part system to remove the minerals from the pool that cause mineral staining
  • Will prevent reoccurrence of mineral staining.

SunGuard Borate Conditioner

  • A once-a-season treatment that provides superior swimmer comfort.

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