Spring Cleaning

Don’t let a dirty pool get in the way of your summer fun!

Just like your house enjoys a good dusting after the long winter months, your pool does as well. Follow these easy steps to ensure your pool is ready for the summer.

Step 1: Contact your local pool professional and schedule a “Pool Opening” date.
– Get your pool opening on the books now to avoid the Pre-Memorial Day rush.
– When your local pro removes your pool cover, make sure it is properly cleaned before storing it for the summer, we highly recommend our SunGuard Pool Cover Cleaner for this purpose.

Step 2: Clean up your pool party space.
– Pick up any fallen debris and cleanup or repair your patio or deck area. Maybe make a plan to add some flower pots or new bushes around your pool space, or finally take the time to create that fire pit area you have always wanted.

Step 3: Make is yours.
– Your backyard is your oasis, so set it up in a way that makes you happy. Set up deck chairs for those long days basking in the sun, or add some giant inflatables or colored lounge cushions to add a pop of color and fun.


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